Do You Really, Truly PRAY For Other People?

Often, when we pray, we tend to think about our personal worries and anxieties and present them to our Father. This is a healthy way to express our feelings and keep connected to maintain a strong bond with Christ. However, how often do you pray for other people?

Although it is in our nature to put ourselves first, try making someone else your central focus for prayer such as those affected by the bombings in Boston or the 15 and 16 year olds stabbed recently in London and for their families. With so much going on in this world, prayer and faith are the most powerful forces we have, casting it all onto the Lord as he hears and answers our prayers.

Please, do not let prayer only be in the mess, remember to thank God for all his has done and continue to praise and worship him for the rest of your days.

And remember that Jesus’ example of how to pray was not only in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ but also the prayer in John 17 just before He was crucified where He prayed for Himself, His disciples and all believers. In this remarkable example He prayed for our protection, for us to be sanctified in truth, for complete unity and for us to be filled with God’s love.

So when next you pray, remember to pray for others as Jesus showed us. Even when we face our worst situation we should never forget to truly and sincerely pray for others as well.

Latisha Daure


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