The month of October saw the UK Christian Chart No.3 triumph of the new single ‘White Jesus’ by Hip-hop veteran and Lamp Mode recording artist Seun Otupke who goes by the artist name S.O. and it is taken from his newly released album “Augustine’s Legacy”.

True to the down to earth, personal and sometimes down-right emotional lyrics he has come to be known for, ‘White Jesus’ carries a bold and possibly controversial message. This would probably explain why it took a year from creation/production to release. According to S.O, “I knew it wasn’t time to let it go… I knew that the video had to make sense and everything surrounding the song needed to not be rushed… was I going too far? Was it helpful?”.

At just over two and a half minutes long, this track truly packs a punch with hard facts that get you thinking. Here are some of its stand-out lyrics:

“Hey white Jesus ain’t going like my next statement
That white Jesus that you worship is a racist”


“Ain’t it time to heal what them people tried to steal
But Christ was not a hippie picking lilies in the field”

The Nigerian-born, London-bred artist now lives in Texas with his young family. He saw international acclaim in 2012 with his album “So It Continues” peaking at number 24 and 36 on the Billboard hip-hop rap and gospel charts respectively.

S.O. is on a mission to ‘show others how to find comfort in Christ during the storms of life’. Judging from his music artistry which has been labeled ‘emo-rap’, I dare say he is well on his way to ‘mission accomplished’!

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