The past prepares you for what comes next. Are you ready?


When we are going through trials and dark times sometimes we wonder, where is God in this?
We often jump to the conclusion that we are in the midst of a battle with the enemy, but a new way of thinking is needed.

God sees our future and knows where he wants us to be, what we will have to face and how we need to get there. In order to get to our destined place we will have to face troubled times.

Moses was left in the desert for 40 years by the Lord and it was not done wastefully. In those 40 years, Moses learnt things that he would have never learnt if he hadn’t been sent into the wilderness. God spoke to him through the burning bush with the message to lead the Israelites out of Egypt into a spacious land. If he hadn’t been to the wilderness, how could he have been a true leader and take the Israelites to a place he had never been before? God used Moses for the good, but in order to get to that level he had to face a hard and dark journey.

Next time you think you’re facing a battle with the enemy, just stop and pray. God could be using everything you have gone through in the past as a preparation of what is to come in your life.

Latisha Daure

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