StepFWD Awards 2024 gets repeat broadcast on TBN UK TV tonight at 10pm

The 3rd annual StepFWD Awards, held last month at Fairfield Halls emerged as a dazzling ‘best of British’ celebration of talent, unity, and purpose, bringing together hundreds of attendees from diverse sectors, including the church, media, TV and charities. Highlights of the awards extravaganza will repeat exclusively on TBN UK TV this Saturday, 20th January via Sky Channel 582 and Freeview Channel 66.

With twelve Song of the Year winners drawing from the monthly UK Christian Charts, including ‘Pull Me Through’ by KXC in Contemporary Worship and ‘Jireh (My Provider)’ by Limoblaze in Afrobeat, two new awards were also announced with Jimmy James winning Producer of the Year and We Got Love Project taking home Album of the Year. Philippa Hanna won the  Female Artist of the Year and CalledOut Music scored a hat-trick with Male Artist of the Year for the third year running. Well deserved recipients for Outstanding Contribution to Christian & Gospel music were Tim Hughes and The Message Trust. One of the highlights of the evening was the StepFWD Lifetime Achievement Award, a momentous occasion that paid tribute to a trailblazer whose contributions had significantly impacted the Christian and Gospel music landscape. The audience showed their collective appreciation after last year’s winner Dave Bilbrough announced Noel Richards (the writer of ‘All Heavens Declare’ and other top hits) as this year’s recipient. Noel, visibly moved in his acceptance video from the USA, shared a little of his journey and expressed gratitude for the enduring power of music to connect hearts across generations.


Thanks to partnerships with Compassion UK and Praise House, the StepFWD Awards also provided a platform for networking and collaboration. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations, fostering a sense of community that extends beyond the event itself. The red carpet, awards ceremony, and subsequent interactions served as catalysts for new partnerships and initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in the community.

The awards ceremony also featured talent galore, seamlessly blending the contemporary with the traditional, creating an inclusive space that mirrored the diversity within the Christian and Gospel music genres. From Shekinah’s opening note to Triple O; Tim Hughes; London Community Gospel Choir and every performance in between, ‘the best of British’ was undeniably on full display.

Watch StepFWD Awards on TBN TV this 20th Jan. via Sky Channel 582 and Freeview Channel 66

Watch StepFWD Awards on TBN TV this 29th Dec. via Sky Channel 582 and Freeview Channel 66

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