Chart-topping Kingdmusic teams up with Tanzanian sensation Nandy for ‘Let It Go’

South African gospel artist Kingdmusic has joined forces with Tanzanian artist Nandy to deliver a powerful anthem titled ‘Let It Go’. The song is set to feature on the Pan-African Compilation album “ZiiBeats Vol.1” promising listeners an uplifting musical journey.

‘Let It Go’ encapsulates the essence of resilience and faith, resonating with audiences worldwide through its heartfelt message. The song encourages listeners to surrender their worries and fears, finding strength in their journey to God.

The collaboration between Kingdmusic and Nandy brings together two distinct musical styles, creating a harmonious blend that is both captivating and inspiring. As they deliver verses infused with hope and courage, the artists invite listeners to release their burdens and trust, God’s plan.

Grammy-nominated producer BlaiseBeatz, renowned for his work with artists such as Chris Brown, Asake, Davido, Kizz Daniel, Ckay, Victony, and so much more, has lent his expertise to the production of ‘Let It Go’. His signature touch adds depth to the song, enhancing its impact and resonance.

Kingdmusic mentions that ‘Let It Go’ is a beacon of hope, “We want the song to encourage individuals to find peace and courage by letting go and placing their trust in God.”

With its universal message of resilience and faith, ‘Let it Go’ reaffirms the belief that even in our weakest moments, we are held up by a strength greater than ourselves.

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