Snatcha releases new single ‘Everything’ ft the voice of Jay Adeyoola & K3ndrick

The new single ‘Everything‘ by UK-based hip-hop Artist Snatcha (of the Rooftop MCs fame) features the voice of Jay Adeyoola and K3ndrick. The song is an expression of the sweet surrender to God’s all-knowing power in the midst of pain, loss and tragedy with the understanding that because God loves us, everything will work out for our good.

Snatcha lost his dear wife, Jay Adeyoola in November 2019 and this would be his first single after a long hiatus as he finally returns to the booth. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Snatcha shares: “Since my wife passed, I have been transfixed in a “GO” mode, trying to take care of 4 children. I haven’t really had time to deal with the emotions, haven’t been able to grieve properly but the only thing I do know is how to express myself with my art. I had been looking for a way to express my feelings until one day, I got a voice note from my friend, Weird MC who had come to spend the weekend and fellowship with us few months back.

He continues, “That weekend, we had seen a Christian movie and we were dissecting the movie afterward and my wife started talking about a particular character in the movie, who dealt well with hurt and Weird MC, who recently gave her life to Christ, said she didn’t understand how the character was able to handle that level of pain. My wife started sharing and breaking down her personal understanding of how God works everything for our good, even in the midst of so much hurt, pain and even tragedy. And the things she shared that day were so deep and heavy, that Weird MC brought out her phone and started recording the conversation.”

The funny irony is that the deep insights my wife was sharing were things I had shared with her a while back and that day, I looked at her in awe at the inspiring way she now poured it back to me, to us in that conversation. And today her words are a soothing balm, forever written in our hearts, a message for today, spoken ahead of time, to encourage and heal, reminding us that EVERYTHING we are and have belongs to God and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.”

“I had totally forgotten about that voice note and conversation until Weird MC sent it to me recently. First of all, I had chills and then I felt a release and I felt at peace, knowing I had done a good job, serving her and that she was obviously ready to go while leaving behind a much needed message for all times. I had so many questions with God, the major one being “What’s Next?” She had fulfilled her part, she was with the Father and I needed to move on and continue what God had sent me to do but I couldn’t move until I finally grieved and surrendered to God’s sovereignty – And That’s how the song ‘Everything’ was birthed.

And the message I am trying to pass with this song is that “In the gaining and losing of things, God is still God. It will hurt me, It will break me but I know that the suffering of this world is for a moment, compared to the glory that is set before us. In ‘Everything’, despite ‘Everything’ and with ‘Everything’, we must surrender and give our all to God – People say it will end in praise, I say it will always be praise from the start to the middle and even after the end”.

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