September 2015 Top 10 Chart

Another spectacular month which saw our second Midlands based chart topper. Massive congrats to all 29 artists submitted to the listing! There is so much anointed gifting in the UK and it’s amazing to be able to celebrate all so many artists each month.

[item title=”#1 TRY – Natty Joshia”][/item]
[item title=”#2 RAY OF LIGHT – !Audacious”]
[item title=”#3 THE BECOMING – Icie”]
[item title=”#4 MEN CAN CRY – Mr.Damention”]
[item title=”#5 HERE I AM – Aaron T Aaron”]
[item title=”#6 LIONS ROAR – Speak, Brother”]
[item title=”#7 LIVE FOR YOU – Presha J ft. Leke”]
[item title=”#8 TURN AWAY – The Reapers Choir”]
[item title=”#9 PSALM 91 – Jonathan Ogden”]
[item title=”#10 IN GLORY – Jonas Umba”]

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