Perilous Times: #PrayForBoston


Step FWD along with Christians from all over the world have been taking to twitter and facebook in a huge show of support, offering prayers and sympathy for those suffering in the aftermath of the double bombing at the Boston Marathon recently.

According to researchers and analysts who study terrorism the deadly bomb blasts look more like the work of domestic terrorists than an international terrorist network. Early reports suggest that the devices were crudely made – otherwise, they probably would have killed many more people – making it unlikely that they were the work of a foreign government or global terrorist group, such as Al ­Qaeda.

With President Obama firmly committed to bringing those responsible to justice, intelligence agencies are now backtracking to unravel the mystery but whatever the outcome the loss of human life especially at 8 years old remains an utter tragedy, not forgetting the 2 others who died and the 130 injured. We join with Pope Francis as he “prays that all Bostonians will be united in a resolve not to be overcome by evil, but to combat evil with good (cf. Rom 12:21).”

Let not these events put our faith into question but serve to harden our resolve and strengthen our love and support for each other especially those in need, knowing that we live in an evil world.


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