New “Play It FWD” crowdfunding aims to keep the blessing of music alive

The aim is simple: to increase awareness of UK gospel and contemporary music within both Christian and secular spaces by producing high-quality media content/ shows on TV & radio and digital platforms, and to highlight and support talented young artists.

This week A Step FWD officially launches its new crowdfunding campaign to Play It FWDKeep the blessing of music alive. The hope is to raise £56,500 to make a real difference by spreading the gospel through music and media in 2021 and beyond.

We have all been blessed by someone at some point in our lives. It may have been a teacher, a friend or even a stranger. Every artist, every musician, every creative is building on the shoulders of those before. Play It FWD seeks to repay that kindness by asking you to donate to the development of someone else.

“In a world like this, you pay it forward, ’cause more than likely you didn’t deserve it when you got it the first time.”

Mindy McGinnis

Your financial support, combined with the strength and diversity of the Step FWD team will help us achieve the goal – to keep the blessing of Christian music and media alive, inspire a generation and reach the unconverted. Click the image below and donate today!