Current Team

With each having an extraordinary heart to serve others above self, our volunteers are truly remarkable.

And that is why we have stood out, broken records, inspired others, received numerous accolades and continue to lead a big vision for the UK scene. A Step FWD was built from the ground up and we are extremely proud of the relationships we’ve fostered over the years, whilst consistently building and whilst maintaining the spirit of excellence we have become known for. This is all thanks to the over 150 volunteers over our 6-year history, who have sacrificed their time and energy over the years. The current team is pictured below:

Michael Akinle


Diedre Johnson


Neville Henry


O’Neil Dennis

Founder & Operations Manager

Fred Obiosa

Planning & Development Manager

Elijah Sazhin

Asstn. Operations Manager
(UK Christian Chart)

Kundai Kanyamaure

Asstn. Operations Manager
(AStep FWD)

Savannah Williams

Volunteering Manager

Heather Lee

PR & Marketing Manager

Philip Mensah

Head of Multimedia

Stephen Davis

Head of Graphics

Ting Tang (SCT)

Finance Manager

Josh Morley

Web Development Manager

David Williams

Social Media Manager

Kaylah Lafeuillee (UAE)

Social Media Manager

Pelumi Olaitan

Team Leader (UK Christian Chart)

Victoria Adeyinka

Team Leader (Events)

Adegail A

Event Coordinator
(Christmas Live)

Nicole Oteng-Agyei

Events Curator (Website)

Luke Wareham

Fundraising Officer

Innocent Matthews

Special Features Writer

Olusola Adenusi (NGA)

Special Features Writer

Olaedo Ibe

Special Features Writer

Itty Okim (NGA)

Special Features Writer

Saint CJ

UKCC Music Researcher

Joshuah Wiehahn

UKCC Music Categoriser

Ming Cooper

UKCC Music Researcher

Maria Schoeps

UKCC Music Categoriser

Jemimah Paine

UKCC Music Researcher

Will Allen

Music Researcher

Asheika Rhoden

Engagement Officer (Compassion)

Jack Robson

Event Coordinator (Masterclass)

Ireoluwa Olajide

Playlist Manager

Esther Oduwole

Social Media Team

Tundun Adebanjo

Graphics Designer

Samuel D’Souza (IND)

Graphics Designer

Joy Mbugua

UKCC Music Researcher

Jemima Kola-Abodunde

UKCC Music Researcher

Jenny Beni (DEU)

Social Media Team

Caleb Lockwood

PR & Marketing Team

Grace Onoja

UKCC Music Researcher

Malcolm Clarke

Music Review Team

Neree Michaela McKenzie

Poetic Team

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