Kensington Temple reaching out to the heart of diverse London

Kensington Temple / KT Worship – as you probably know, are pioneering a new sound. Their Senior Minister Colin Dye has set the goal for worship songs to be ‘Heart/ Capital/Radio 1’ in their style.

It’s a clear call to reach out to London and to deliver something which is different and relevant to the people they are reaching. It’s a challenge for the ‘conservative’ churches or the ‘middle ground’ to sometimes understand why this plan is developed. However, for KT Worship, it is a response to what they feel God has told them to do. It has meant a ground up restructure and the management of change – to honour the past but be part of the present, whilst defining their future.

In London, you have Worship Central as well as Hillsong, which are both clearly defined through worship and word. For Kensington Temple, they have brought clarity to a ‘third place’ – where the Word is preached, where the Holy Spirit moves and where worship sounds contemporary. Kensington Temple would also be one of the best examples of a genuinely multi-cultural church in London, with many nationalities forming the church.

This is an album that sounds creative, feels multi-cultural and multi-generational – simply highlighting that the God we worship is all of these things and more.

Get your copy of Kensington Temples “More Than Enough” today!

1. More than Enough
2. Amazing
3. Our God Reigns
4. Open the Heavens
5. You Are My Saviour
6. You Are the Way
7. Nothing Can Separate
8. King of All
9. Awesome in Power
10. To You Alone

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