K-Anthony’s latest single ‘Drunk’ continues to create waves

With another release expected in just a few days, K-Anthony‘s last release ‘Drunk’ is still getting much deserved attention. The term drunk generally means to be taken over or under control of alcohol signifying that a person is not sober and they lack inhibition. Similarly, when one is in submission to God, His love and joy will take you over, your character will change to reflect the fruits of the spirit and you’ll be filled with His peace. People will notice the change in you and be blessed by His presence in you. The spirit of God cleanses one from sin and brings hope. When one receives the peace that they have been searching for, they embrace it, and if allowed can take them over and become infectious. 

Drunk in this song is an acronym for: 






I have been delivered and redeemed from sin, God has blessed me with a unique gift, and I am a noble man and a Kingdom-child. Download/Stream Drunk