Jason Nicholson-Porter unveils uplifting new single ‘Smile Child’

In a testament to his unwavering dedication to spreading hope and inspiration through his music, Jason Nicholson-Porter, the esteemed gospel artist known for his soul-stirring vocals and profound worship ministry, proudly presents his latest single, ‘Smile Child’. Hailing from Spanish Town, Jamaica, and now a prominent figure in London’s vibrant music scene, Jason brings over three decades of experience as a singer-songwriter, worship leader, and performer.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jason has amassed numerous accolades, including winning the prestigious Hackney Empire Friday Night Live show in 1999 and achieving recognition as a quarter-finalist on The Voice UK 2018. His collaborations with industry luminaries such as Emeli Sandé, Wretch 32, and Stormzy, coupled with tours alongside Rebecca Ferguson, have cemented his status as an international gospel sensation.

About ‘Smile Child’:

Jason’s latest single, ‘Smile Child’. serves as a beacon of triumph and healing, stemming from a deeply personal encounter with the comforting embrace of God. Inspired by a divine revelation during prayer, Jason found solace in the words, “This is the day of reckoning where the devil is defeated. This is the day for your healing, so smile child, smile, for the glory of God surrounds you.”

Crafted from this profound experience, ‘Smile Child’ encapsulates the journey from despair to hope, offering solace to those navigating their own trials. It is an intimate dialogue between Jason and his faith, a melody of assurance that echoes the promise of healing and victory over adversity. Through this song, Jason extends an invitation to listeners worldwide to find joy amidst challenges, guided by an unwavering belief in God’s enveloping glory.

Since the release of the song ‘Smile Child’. the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with a multitude of individuals creating their own covers. Notable figures such as Bishop John Francis, Nillelle, Emmanuel Smith, Callum Jaye, The Cokers, and David from Revelation are among those who have contributed to this outpouring of support and creativity.

Jason’s Testimony:

Reflecting on the genesis of ‘Smile Child’. Jason shares, “This song became my lifeline, echoing the promise of healing and triumph over adversity. It’s more than a song; it’s a personal testimony—a melody of hope, reminding us that, in God’s arms, we find the strength to smile, even in our darkest days.”

Connect with Jason:

Stay updated on Jason Nicholson-Porter’s latest releases and performances by following him on Facebook (@OfficialJNP) and Instagram (@Official__jnp).

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