Guni says you ‘Gotta Make It’ in hard-hitting and motivational latest release

Birmingham-based rapper Guni drops his first single of 2024, ‘Gotta Make It’, a song about determination against the odds. If you need a boost of motivation to reach your God-given goals and dreams, this hard-hitting tune with encouraging lyrics is for you!

“You gotta make it, I ain’t really into living basic,

You gotta chase it, only get one chance I gotta take it.”

Immediately from the chorus, you get a sense of the mindset the artist is encouraging us to live by. Will you settle for a basic life? Or will you take the risk and give it your all? He then goes deep into the sacrifices we must make in order to achieve greatness in our lives.

One thing that stands out about the lyrical content is how the words switch between first-person and second-person (mostly first), which shows that while this is a tune to encourage his listeners, he is also being transparent about his own journey; sacrifices he has had to make, faith he has had to cling on to.

Problematic throws down a masterful beat, with an 808 bassline to drive the mood that compliments the motivational vibe of the lyrics perfectly. With clear inspiration from the classic West Coast hip-hop style, this single is sure to reach a wider rap-loving audience as Guni spreads his word further in the music scene.

Guni’s lyrical delivery is very cool and smooth, every word clearly pronounced making it very easy to hear the message he’s taken to the mic. The verse tells Guni’s own story.

“It’s Saturday and everybody’s clubbing, I ain’t on it,

Too busy tryna find another way to make this profit.”

What he makes clear is that his path toward success has been a lonely road. While everybody else around him has been clubbing and spending on luxuries, he’s chosen to knuckle down and invest his time and money into his craft. He also keeps the focus of the tune on how God has been with him through his grind and takes this opportunity to give the glory back to Him.

With its style and lyrical content, this very powerful track will appeal to both grime and hip-hop fans, Christian and non-Christian alike, making it a breath of fresh air in the CHH scene. Zero compromise on the Christian message but likewise very real and transparent on a message that many listeners can relate to. Could this healthy balance be something that is needed in more Christian rap to spread the gospel to more listeners?

Ever since releasing his debut album “Rest” in 2020, Guni has been incredibly prolific in the gospel scene releasing several singles per year. This includes ‘Like They Never Have’ in 2023 which attracted thousands of streams just on Spotify. He stands out as a UK artist who doesn’t fix himself to one type but diversifies between different hip-hop styles.

More is likely to come, so keep up with his music. CLICK HERE to check out Guni’s full catalogue! He’s also very active on his social media platforms so follow him now on TikTok and Instagram.

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