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G-Tracks, a new platform from the iGo Media family, has finally launched! It is the platform that everyone’s been waiting for the following reasons: artists have been longing for a platform where they can be paid for their artistry and receive a fair amount for the work effort that they’ve put forth unlike the current trend in the streaming platforms where they receive very little, and the streaming platform takes the major share. G-tracks turns that concept on its head and gives the major share to the artist so that they can continue to create great music on a regular basis.

If you are a radio presenter or a DJ, you’re also invited to the platform and given the opportunity to promote all the artists that are involved with the platform this is done by registering and once you are approved you will have access to all the music on the platform for free if you promote the artist and not share the music with anyone outside of your registration.

Lovers of great gospel music will get the chance to show their appreciation and support their favourite gospel artist by downloading the music of the choice. There are many genres to choose from and new music has been uploaded daily.

The rewards for your creative and God-given talents are benefited by uploading your music to this platform.

Once you are approved, you’ll be able to receive all the music that has been uploaded to this platform for free there is only two stipulation you must promote the artist music on your programs and your life events. This is for your personal use only and you will be in violation of your membership should you be in breach of this by sharing with anyone outside of your membership.

By downloading the music of your favourite artist, you will be supporting them directly which means you’ll be helping them to be paid fairly and they can continue to create great gospel music for you, their fans.

This site is run by a group of Christians who believe that one of the key ways that the world will be reached will be through the power of Gospel music. G-tracks has been set up to link together Gospel artists, Gospel DJs and lovers of great Gospel music, to promote Gospel music globally. They believe Gospel music is the highest form of musical expression and we believe it deserves a new global home and distribution platform.

G-tracks is the new online home and kingdom gateway to artists’ profile pages, links and interaction, a means to directly support them by downloading their music, whilst putting artists directly in touch with the presenters and DJs who will promote their music and ministry. Click image below and check out the website today!

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