Grammy winner Lecrae takes over party in I’M TURNT [Music Video]


Grammy Award winning artist Lecrae has released the music video for I’m Turnt, the fifth track off his sequel mixtape Church Clothes 2.

With a fun and realistically creative video, Lecrae illustrates throughout the song that he is often mistaken for being under the influence of drugs when he is actually under the influence of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:8).

With Christian artists all over the world sometimes getting caught up on the tremendous scrutiny especially from within the community of believers, it is great to see Lecrae not so much trying to explain himself but just doing what he believes he was called to do. The video storyline highlights the fact that even at the best of times our actions can be misunderstood as the New Testament scripture already tells us.

Whatever you do as an artist or just in your daily life God will hold you to account. So get up, be bold, be confident, trust in His direction for your life and step firmly in your ministry.

Step FWD fully recognizes the impact Lecrae has had on the music industry and the inspiration that he is to countless artists and musicians across the world and wish him the very best.

Anyway you check the video out and let us know what you think. Loved the bit at the end when everyone was ‘juiced up’ and ‘passed out’ and Lecrae was still hyper.


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