‘exhilarating’ & ‘awe-inspiring’ Rebirth Networks ‘Reuben Parker’


On the 7-8th of November, Rebirth Network will be performing a new piece of the dance theatre that is set to be an incredible experience.

For 2 days only, The Rebirth Network bring an exhilarating and dynamic new theatre production to East London’s Oxford House Theatre. Join them for an explosive, awe-inspiring piece of new age dance theatre.

Far away in space and time we meet Reuben Parker, a man crushed and embittered by his life’s adversity. When granted the unique ability to create his own reality, Reuben sees an opportunity to relive his life the way he always wanted. However, Reuben can never quite gain control of the outcome of his creations and soon finds himself thrown into a spiral of uncontrollable events. He is forced to face the truth: though he is the artist, he isn’t the Creator.

Join Rebirth Dance as they lead you on a journey through the life of Reuben Parker, in an evening that will entertain and delight the whole family whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Having seen Rebirth before live, I can pretty much guarantee that they will blow you away; not only with their ability to dance, but with the powerful messages they thread throughout the performance. From their professionalism to every minor detail crafted, the Rebirth Network Dance group are incredible, and if you’re able to get down to watch their latest performance… don’t miss your chance!

Reuben Parker is suitable for audiences age 10+. Tickets are available here!

(Text taken from Rebirth Network Event Info)

Josh de Thierry

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