Christ or Conformity?

Choosing to be a Christian and follow Christ in 2013 is a difficult decision. Choosing to be a young Christian and follow Christ in 2013, whilst at University is an even greater challenge. Surrounded by peer-pressure, alcohol, drugs and social activities; being a Christian may be at the bottom of many peoples lists as it is often easier to conform.

Even attending University as a committed Christian has its rocky and questioning moments. When I first entered my Coventry accommodation, I was plunged into an independent lifestyle where my decision was the final decision. Unfortunately, this is where many people can make mistakes leading them down the wrong path.

Luckily for me, one by one I met like minded people who were also christians. Long story short, my friendship circle began to blossom and now we attend church together also encouraging our other friends to come and join us each week.

We must remember as it says in Joshua 1:5 ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ No matter where you are or what struggles you are facing, God will never leave your side.

Latisha Daure

Video below courtesy of Kings College Gospel Music Society

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