8 things to know about latest #ChristmasLIVE host Isaiah-Raymond Dyer

Isaiah-Raymond Dyer is a multi-faceted individual, primarily recognised for his musical abilities. Internationally known as the Founder of the renowned UK Gospel group ‘Raymond & Co’ Isaiah-Raymond spearheaded what became one of the most notable Gospel acts to emerge from the UK.

Isaiah-Raymond is the latest announced Host for Christmas LIVE fundraising Concert on Thursday 17th December at Regent Hall, Salvation Army Centre in Oxford Circus, London from 7pm.

1. Isaiah-Raymond is a prolific songwriter & the Raymond & Co ‘Playing Games’ album released to 150 countries on the Integrity/Sony label showcased this. Various awards came in recognising the skill & precision found in his song writing ability.

2. He was responsible for vocal training the MOBO/UMA Award winning group ‘Raymond & Co’.

3. Isaiah-Raymond is known for his instantly recognisable unique vocal tone, and appears as a soloist at special events, conferences & private functions.

4. Isaiah-Raymond acts as a Vocal coach and is a qualified Arts Award Assessor teaching bronze & silver level courses.

5. Isaiah-Raymond also went onto great renown as a co-host on the music Tv show ‘UK Gospel Live’ as seen on SKY Tv (on Revelation Tv.) As well as co-hosting, he had his own section titled ‘Heart to Heart’ dedicated to discussions on topical issues.

6. Isaiah-Raymond is also a skilled Christian speaker & is noted as ‘a bridge between two generations’ able to communicate principles to audiences of all ages.

7. Working under the banner of Love Life UK Prison Outreach Isaiah-Raymond oversees visits into prisons where he hosts gospel concerts, services counselling sessions and bible studies for incarcerated men.

8. Isaiah-Raymond is currently songwriting and preparing to record Raymond & Co’s next album.

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Jesus is the reason!


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