Young Artists? 16 year old volunteer Ben Webb with ‘Barz’ demo

Meet aStepFWD’s young volunteer, Ben Webb – a 16 year old Gospel rapper born in Birmingham and raised in a Christian family in Warwickshire. Baptised at the age of 10, God had his hands on him even though at the start Ben wasn’t fully involved with his Christian faith.

In around 2014 Ben left school due to nausea caused by anxiety which took over his education, sleep and living in general. After a few months he started at a new school and was once again attacked by anxiety which led to him leaving school early in year 10. He was educated at home for the last two years but didn’t pass any GCSE’s and was left with no other option but to trust God.

Leaving school was a very hard experience for Ben as anxiety took him to an all time low. Spiritual attacks led to depression and he also suffered OCD describing himself as sometimes ‘going crazy’ along with intense feelings of loneliness.

Going through all of these trials caused him to lose friends, GCSE’s, peace, sleep, joy (and the list goes on).

This however was all part of God’s plan to guide his faith stronger than it has ever been and to show him that when all else fails, God NEVER fails. Ben firmly believes that though he doesn’t deserve it, God has now called him to use his passion for music to guide the youth of today to Jesus and shine Christ’s light into dark situations via music and teach people to Trust in GOD.

Just about one year ago we asked the question Young Artists, Where Are They? as global statistics reported that only one third of all young people attend any religious services or engage in their faith community and in the midst of that our UK Christian Chart stats showed less than 5% music submitted by teenage artists in the last year.

Since then we have come across a number of young people who are on a mission to spread the Gospel to their peers and their communities. If you know of any teenage artists; singers, rappers, poets or instrumentalists, there is a platform here for them as we do our part to support youth talent. Please get in touch.

Operations Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator Ting Tang commented shortly after speaking to Ben, “He is possibly our youngest volunteer, a rapper and getting to be a really good one too! After speaking to him for just a short while, I can tell that he is special and believe he will have a great future.”

‘Barz’ is Ben’s debut demo made entirely by him. Connect with his ministry on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram