Well, you ARE here now so make the most of 2014!

Happy-New-Year-2014-1-1 Happy-New-Year-2014-1-1

You made it, you actually made it! You made it through the 365 days of the past year.

I think we would all agree, this year has been a year of highs, lows, disappointments and successes. However, 2014 should be an opportunity to turn your highs higher, lows to high, disappointments into success and success into even greater success. The idea is to make your 2014 what you could not make your 2013.

I am sure many of us have regrets, myself included. But I would advise that this year your focus should be on two things. The first should be having a clean conscience and the second to be bold. You will realize that one enhances the other. If you do not have a clean conscience, how can you be bold. If your mind accuses you for something wrong you did, how can you pray boldly before God and make demands. The same applies at work. If you know that you have not given you best at work, you find a bit difficult to ask you boss for an increase, if you are not treating your wife as she deserves, how can you boldly demand respect.

They both work hand in hand. If you get one right, the other will naturally work out well. So for those of you who are still looking for a New Years Resolution, have a clean conscience and be bold.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Michael A

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