Welcome to Britain and allow us to reintroduce… Collistar

Collistar is the social commentator of Christian Hip-Hop. His name rose to popularity during the grime revival in 2019. Witty, ironic and quintessentially British, his music dissects the cultural heart of the UK. With plays on BBC Radio 1 Extra his recent album “G.N.T.G” was awarded Album of the Year by MRXCY Music.

After deleting his debut project “Welcome to Britain” which had millions of plays and 5 figure estimate of potential earnings, his debut single 1952 resurfaced the artist as a Christian rapper.

With old fans and new there is a mystery around the future of Collistar? Will there be a Welcome to Britain 2 and will he continue to live up to his old potential? Word on the street is there’s a new track ‘Life Goes On’ dropping this 3rd February and we’re excited for it!

In the meantime, connect with Collistar on Instagram and check out his Spotify below: