“We Got Love” project is unapologetically British and positive says Guvna B

Drafting the likes of Dia Day, Sharyn, Still Shadey (MOBO Award winner), CalledOut Music, Annatoria (The Voice UK winner), Becca Folkes, Tertia May, CondoSeven, 678Nath, Bianca Rose, Joshua Luke Smith, Limoblaze, Asha Elia, Tidez, Collistar, Wole Agbaje, Imprint Worship, not to mention Guvna B (MOBO Award winner) himself – this EP is a message of hope, strength, and unity. A well-needed pause amidst the chaos! Spread across 7 tracks all of which vary in sound from Garage, Hip-Hop, R&B, Afrobeat’s and more, it’s a true reflection of Black British music.

Guvna B said, “The last few years have been rough, and music is one of those things that can provide a bit of escapism and hope. All you have to do is switch on the news to realise that there’s not much to smile about. I feel ‘WE GOT LOVE’  is a powerful message and one that helps bring people together”, he explained. “This music is us. Unapologetically British, unapologetically positive. Hip-Hop. R&B, Garage, Afrobeat, the EP’s got it all. Our society is quite polarised and different issues can create division. We gotta learn as people to disagree well, hold different opinions, but still have love for each other. That’s how we move forward.”