Uniekgrace has released a mesmerizing new song today titled ‘Higher’

Uniekgrace, a multi-talented billboard-charted singer-songwriter, has released a mesmerizing new song today titled ‘Higher‘. This vibrant Afrobeat/Afropop track sets the stage with an infectious dance groove that captivates from the first beat to the last, offering a compelling conviction of Uniekgrace’s unwavering devotion to being God’s ambassador on earth.

Uniekgrace’s intention for this track extends beyond its infectious dance appeal; the song seeks to inspire listeners to embrace and celebrate the significance of God’s power and presence in their lives.

“The power in the name of Jesus has saved me more times than I can count,” says Uniekgrace. “I have experienced many low moments as an independent artist but what always baffles me is the way God always lets me understand that I am still on top.”

She goes on to say that “the moment I realised that in my low moments, lifting up the name of Jesus is my ticket to freedom and abundance, I had more peace of mind. ‘Higher’ is my song of conviction in my faith as a Christian and I am fully unashamed of the gospel.”

Uniekgrace explains that “gospel music was literally my ticket from suicidal attempts, low self esteem and depression, to freedom and intentional living. Once I got my freedom, there was no way I could get my self entangled again in psychological bondage.”

As a devoted wife, mother of four, registered nurse, and fashionista, Uniekgrace’s music reflects her core values of family, culture, and faith, drawing from her diverse experiences growing up across Italy, Switzerland, the USA, Nigeria, and Belgium.

With an EP and seven singles to her name, including the chart-topping ‘No Dulling’, Uniekgrace has humbly garnered international recognition, with a mention on the American Billboard and widespread airplay. Her collaborations with esteemed artists further underscore her commitment to reaching diverse audiences and sharing her faith through music. Recently, she marked one million streams on Boomplay which got her fans wanting more music.

Listen to her new track on Spotify now!

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