UK Gospel R&B singer Coco Dupree returns with new single ‘He Done It’ ft. Triple O

A decade passed and armed with an array of perspective-shifting experiences and a deeper understanding of where God is directing her, Coco Dupree storms back onto the scene with the sumptuously nostalgic ‘He Done It’ featuring Triple O.

Coco Dupree, has toured the world and sang to packed-out stadiums. She’s spent years working her way to the top of her craft as a backing vocalist, performing with the likes of Pixie Lott, Ne-Yo, Wretch 32, and more.

Dupree speaks about the visceral, life-altering dreams that she began having during the first UK lockdown, which clarified some of the questions she’d been asking about her journey and destination. “During my decade away from being a solo artist, I was just living life out in the world. Nothing was working, I didn’t feel happy and content. But then, in 2020, I began having these vivid dreams showing me achieving things and following the path God had laid out for me”. 

As Dupree’s latest single, ‘He Done It’, highlights, the new record will also be a unique and irresistibly modern blend of Gospel, R&B, and Hip-Hop. After ten years of perfecting her skills behind the scenes, from this point on, ‘Coco Dupree’ will no doubt be a name you’ll be hearing a lot more often. 

The new Single “He Done It” is set to release on the 23rd of June on Apple Music and all digital platforms.