UK Gospel music and media influencers mobilise to progress the scene

It’s not often you find gospel music and media influencers, industry experts, promoters, publishers, music producers, presenters, bloggers, artists, music managers, executives and others gather under one roof for a UK Gospel Action Group Meeting, but it happened on just last week with more actions planned.

The venue was cosy “Premier Gospel”, home to one of the UK’s biggest radio stations where attendees on Tuesday got discussing, brainstorming and networking behind beautiful smiles: call it a convivial affair, a dramatic improvement from the online keyboard tapping or mobile group chatting that we are all familiar with today.

Many of the notable personalities assembled had devoted significant time to improving the gospel music industry. Some living outside London travelled down to honour the occasion while others who couldn’t make it to the face-to-face meeting connected via Skype.

The meeting was facilitated by and, after the founders of both organisations O’Neil Dennis and Adebayo Abimbola shared a common vision and heart for the progression of the UK gospel scene. The meeting space was provided courtesy of Premier Gospel, thanks to station manager Muyiwa.

Adebayo said, “Dennis and I like nothing more than to enlighten each other on the industry’s ways, gladly bonding whenever we can digitally but the Gospel Action Group Meeting held last week was so refreshing that it left a positive impression on many to regain lost ground and opportunities, amid evolving music trends.

See some pictures (above) from the event and listen out for more updates as the UK Gospel music scene turns a corner…

Photos courtesy of Tom Bradshaw Photography | Email to book an event photographer.