Toyin Adekale transforms Stevie Wonder’s classic with Reggae touch

Award-winning International singer/songwriter Toyin Adekale, based in Seattle, Washington, released her first track of the year on May 1st, 2024, along with an exclusive video. The highly anticipated single, entitled ‘These Three Words’, is a lyrically poignant song originally written by the legendary Stevie Wonder. Toyin Adekale, the former fourth member of world-renowned Boney M (featuring Maizie Williams), transformed this heartfelt ballad with her signature reggae touch.

The release date coincided with Global Love Day, an annual celebration showing love and acts of kindness to those around us near and far. Toyin Adekale drew inspiration from a personal experience, saying: “I had a conversation with my son Bakari, the night before he passed away at age 21. Not long after my mother passed away at age 91, followed by my beloved godmother. Coming out of this cloud, it dawned on me that I was blessed to make memories in our times together, and I always told them, I loved them.” She hopes the song will motivate people to express their love and make memories with those around them.

Toyin Adekale’s longevity and consistency have been recognized with several awards in the past five years, including:

  • Best Reggae Artist & Best Female – GX Awards 2023
  • Best International Artist – Ladies First Awards 2023
  • Best Adapted Single – Addictive Love – Marlin Awards 2022
  • Best Gospel Song – Now I See – ASWL Awards 2019

The release of ‘These Three Words’ showcases Toyin Adekale’s continued talent and dedication to her craft.