Tim Godfrey gives ‘Evidence’ of God’s promises for Gospel Heritage

In the latest Gospel Heritage compilation from Apple’s Platoon, we look at the contribution of another African Gospel music heavyweight in Tim Godfrey. Tim offers up ‘Evidence’, a mid-tempo song that can serve both as a testimony for what God has already done and as a prophetic declaration to receive what God has promised to do. The song came from a place of faith and thanksgiving.

On Gospel Heritage, Tim says, “I was truly excited to be a part of this project, with all of the super artists from different parts of the world. My team and I prayerfully searched for which song would work perfectly for this project. The special part about this song is that it’s like a love letter to my wife. I remember singing it to her the day I wrote it, and I told her that she is the evidence of God’s promises in my life.”

‘Evidence’ by Tim Godfrey is available now on all streaming platforms