Temzi & friends showcase top talent in new video ‘The Truth (Remix)’

Following on from his successful Shoe Express Mixtape debut earlier on this year, south London rapper Temzi has released a new video ‘The Truth (Remix)’ perfect for the summer vibe and beyond on GRM Daily, featuring a talented ensemble of rappers including Dkxy, Nu Jae, Means, Jo Joey, Tneek and Big Pete.

“Half these brothers love lie in the booth!”

Thought-provoking lyrics laced over a hard-hitting beat are served up from each rapper as Temzi and the crew call for urban artists to speak their truth in contrast to today’s typically represented themes in urban music (guns, drugs and gang culture).

The track can be found on GRM Daily’s YouTube channel and is also available for streaming and download on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal & Google Play music.