Ted Jiboye returns with brand new single titled ‘Ave Verum Corpus’

Following the release of his 2018 album – “Faithful”, inspirational UK Worship Leader Singer and Songwriter Ted Jiboye returns with a brand new single titled ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ – Jesu word of God incarnate. Many will be familiar with the title as it is a 13th century Eucharistic chant composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791 and set to music by many composers over the decades. This inspirational worship music gives us a unique take on the traditional Latin hymn and is sure to capture the hearts of music lovers around the world. 

Throughout time, the ‘Ave Verum’ has been a staple of sacred music, bringing consolation and peace to its listeners. Today’s modern rendition stays true to its roots as a reflection of the holy sacrament. In his singing, Ted Jiboye transports us back to the days of pious devotion with his heartfelt melodies that he has crafted to perfection in order to bring solace, hope and joy to the lives of the listener.

The words to the hymn in their original Latin translation translate to ‘Hail, True Body; Jesu, Word of God Incarnate’ and in its essence, Ave Verum Corpus speaks to the divine power in us. With Ted’s interpretation of this timeless classic, the listener is inspired to pause and take time to reflect on the beauty of who Jesus was, who Jesus is, what he did and continues to do and to appreciate the divine within us.

It is Ted’s mission to bring hope to our lives and this new single is crafted with that goal in mind. The uplifting lyrics remind us to surrender our hearts to God and be encouraged in His love. As Ted sings ‘Ave Verum Corpus – Jesu Word of God Incarnate’, he beckons us to come closer and lift up our hearts in praise. This single is an uplifting and encouraging reminder of our spiritual connection and is an important piece of music that promises to bring joy and peace to those who hear it. A motet, an affirmed statement, a prayer and meditation on Jesus’ real presence in the holy communion.

The sound of his voice is sure to soothe our souls and bring us closer to God. So, open your hearts and take in this timeless masterpiece of a song and be transported back to a time of faith and heartfelt devotion. Ted has poured his whole heart into this project and the result is a work of beauty that will be sure to touch and inspire us all.

Experience a true moment of inspiration with Ted Jiboye’s rendition of ‘Ave Verum Corpus- Jesu Word of God Incarnate’. May his single bring healing and comfort wherever it is heard.

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