Tarnya Coley is an award-winning business woman based in Manchester. She is on a mission to teach people to write

In a world where many people are giving up on finding true love, this book will open your eyes to

Negative perceptions. Church dropouts. Prodigals and nomads. It’s easy to get discouraged by all that’s going wrong when it comes

Two women who were influenced by a classic Bible study on trusting God, written by Verna Birkey, wanted others to

Roy Francis, a well-known name within Black church circles, has written a new book, ‘How to make Gospel Music Work

Emerging author Stephen A. Davis has spent his entire life in church; first in the pews and then behind the

‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. If you’ve spent any time in Christian circles, I’m sure you will have heard

Award-winning author Annette Hubbell asks the question: “Who should get credit for your good work? And does it matter?” If

Next year February will see an exciting addition to the collection of gospel music literature in the UK, with the

Emerging talent, SUTRA, released an EP earlier this year entitled ‘MARROW‘ a theatrical mix of vocals, sounds, acoustic sounds with

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