Spencer Kane, Sam Jamz and Jude Barclay join “WHERE IN THE WORLD?”

Where in the World? is the new live series from AStepFWD which interviews individuals in the global music scene to “bring the world a little closer home”. Conversations touch on each guest’s culture and include facts about food, local sights and the faith behind their art.

On this week’s episode, host Carla Adebekun was joined by Urban Gospel Artist Sam Jamz (Lagos, Nigeria), Pop Singer (and also 1/4 of American Christian Group Anthem Lights) Spencer Kane (Nashville, Tennessee, US) ) and Artist/Producer Jude Barclay (Midland, Michigan, US) in an entertaining roundtable-type discussion which shed light on the three different artists’ backgrounds and the cultures they are from. Sam recommended the African delicacy “pounded yam” whilst Spencer spoke glowingly, with Jude’s approval, of “Nashville’s hot chicken”.

Jude additionally shared about his hometown of Midland, Michigan and its peaceful, long stretches of land which can be contrasted with Sam’s hometown of Lagos, Nigeria – “a city which never sleeps”, known for its vibrant nightlife.

Our guests gave stories on how they got their start in music, how it inspires them even more when people connect with and resonate with their songs, as well as how their faith frames their art. These are three Christian brothers who are aware of the positive influence their music makes on the lives of those who listen. Spencer spoke on the importance of authenticity and how necessary it was that the “music is to be reflected in real life”, a sentiment which the others echoed and agreed with.

To close, our guests gave us information regarding their latest and upcoming music. Spencer has recently released a new single, “All My Life” which you can listen to here. Jude announced an upcoming song “Face ID” which he is excited to release in the near future and Sam has an EP coming next month featuring a few fellow Afrobeat artists, something we also look forward to listening to. Click HERE or below to watch the full episode!