Serving children in the Church with worship by kids, for kids

Having not had new music released under the Shout Praise Kids (SPK) brand since 2014, the children’s music property is now releasing new music for the next generation of listeners and worshippers. Great Are You Lord” is an album compiling some of Integrity Music’s top songs from artists and writers re-recorded for kids, with kids.

SPK presents a bright and inspiring project starting with the opener ‘Only Jesus Christ’, declaring the only name over everything, which sets the tone for what this relaunch of SPK is all about. SPK is passionate about children being the church of today, not just tomorrow, and working to inspire them in their journey of worship and adoration. 

The 11 new songs on “Great Are You Lord” put beautiful truths to music for children to grow into. The hope for the reintroduction of Shout Praise Kids is that it will serve children and engage their trust and freedom to worship as the example is set for them by peers in a similar season of life as them.