Second single release ‘Der Ausweg’ from German worship band

German worship band Outbreakband release a second single ‘Der Ausweg’, ahead of a new album releasing in autumn 2022. Though its exact meaning is difficult to translate into English, the new song centres around the idea that Jesus is our hope and solution. Der Ausweg is an empathic response to dark moments, which many, if not all of us go through. Outbreakband sought to pen a song that points to an answer in the context of worship, taking people’s focus away from the issues and darkness surrounding and magnifying the Lord instead.

This single is a statement of hope and a song of comfort through which Outbreakband don’t shy from the reality of difficulties but lift worshippers’ heads to the peace found in Christ. Der Ausweg carries the band’s vision to reawaken a passion for the Lord and for worship in the youth of Germany and bordering German speaking countries.