Sayotheartist is back with refreshing summer tune ‘Blessed’

Sayotheartist, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, curator, and artist living in Canada. Her artistry finds expression in music, painting, curating and storytelling. This new single ‘Blessed’ is a simple yet refreshing AfroPop composition about the privileges believers find in Christ. Its gratitude-filled vocals, catchy beats and thumping bass line creates a fun yet affirming tune that will pull you to your feet in thanksgiving.

On how the song came to be Sayo writes, “I literally was sitting in my room one day, worried and frustrated that I wasn’t doing enough to prove myself to God and couldn’t change anything by myself. Then I read Psalm 32:1 and the word ‘blessed’ struck me.”

It means ‘holy’, or ‘you have been favoured’. I felt so much joy building from my core that the first thing I uttered was, “I am winning, winning, winning, winning by you, no matter what I fear, I will rest in you”. At first I thought it sounded silly but I continued, “I am singing, singing, singing, singing for you, the joy that fills my heart – see my dancing shoes”. Then I laughed. He could have used any other word to describe me – lucky, privileged; but He called me BLESSED,” she concluded.

Being her fifth single since her debut in 2021, ‘Blessed’ is a song for your upbeat playlists. Written by Sayotheartist and produced by William Ajiyemi, ‘Blessed’ is now available on your preferred streaming platform.

Sayotheartist aims to use her talent to create more unique songs to uplift listeners in the coming months.

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