S.O. Releases ‘So It Ends’

His long awaited final to the “So It..” series is finally out and available right now! The album released this morning and within hours it reached inside of the top 20 on iTunes in the UK and its no wonder why.

This latest body of work, once again shows how S.O. is growing and developing even more with every release. Although the lack of features may be noticeable when looking at the track listing, we can guarantee that that’ll be the last thing on your mind as you listen.

With huge singles such as ‘Satisfy’ and the title track ‘So it Ends’ having been released and out for a couple of weeks now, it’s no surprise that his latest album is already receiving credit from all around the world.

You can watch ‘Satisfy’ above and buy ‘So It Ends’ HERE!

Josh de Thierry