REVERE releases new album “Unscripted: Live from Stockholm”

REVERE’s new album “Unscripted: Live from Stockholm” emerged from a night of worship in one of Stockholm’s oldest churches, Clara Church. In June of 2023, on National Sweden Day, the album was recorded in the cathedral with minimal instruments and 500 people praising the Lord together in different languages from around the world. The authenticity and Holy Spirit-led experience translated through “Unscripted” invites listeners to play a part in zealous worship.

Mark Alan Schoolmeesters says his favorite song on the album is ‘The Lord Our God’ because everyone immediately joined Alfred Nygen in singing the first line of the song as if they already knew it. Schoolmeesters expresses his desire for the album to always point to the Lord when he states, “I hope that these songs bring people back to seeing the beauty of Jesus.”