REVERE joins with Brazilian worship leaders on second “unscripted” single

REVERE release the second single from their Portuguese unplugged recording, ‘Santo Aleluia/Holy Hallelujah’. The heart of REVERE is to inspire a global movement that encourages and empowers creators and worship leaders to craft content that is focused on Jesus, modelling and facilitating reverential worship. Earlier this year, a gathering of multiple Brazilian artists and song writers took place at the Integrity Music Nashville headquarters, focusing on building spiritual foundations, writing, and recording.

Amongst the collaboration between UK, US, and Brazilian artists are producers and writers Mark Alan Schoolmesters from Minnesota and Hananiel Eduardo from Brazil. They wrote and recorded a weighty song that brings back the Glory to God along with 19-year-old worship leader Julia Vitoria (1.4 million Spotify monthly listeners).

This song, ‘Santo Aleluia/Holy Hallelujah’, not only brings back the focus to the Glory of God, but also paints a picture of the Almighty as we His people sing, “Aleluia!”