Respect Yourself Is Respecting God [Part 2]

Solomons temple

We’ve learnt that we are made in God’s image? Well, today we’re going to look at how that should affect the way we treat ourselves. We have three key things to consider; exercise, eating and sleep.

Here we go:
1. an hour on the Wii or PS3 doesn’t count as exercise!! It’s easy to get some exercise – especially while you’re young. Join a basketball, netball or football team, or if you’re not really sporty, go for a walk with your mates at lunchtime instead of staying in the dinner hall!

2. you need to eat well. Yeah, we all have days when all we want is chocolate and crisps, but honestly you’ve got to get a balanced diet. That doesn’t mean you balance a mars bar with a bag of quavers, but means you need to eat fruit and veg as well as protein (meat, cheese and nuts) and carbs (bread, pasta and rice etc). If you struggle with this, why not try a smoothie; it’s a great way to get loads of goodness in you, and pretty yummy too?

3. staying up late isn’t the be-all and end-all. We need sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t focus properly in school, college, work or uni, and you won’t achieve your best. So try and get 8 hours most nights; it really is good for your health! Remember; you’re a temple! Respect Yourself

God bought you with a high price. So…honour God with your body 1 CORINTHIANS 6:20

pastor ray