Reintroducing… Donna Akodu, a worshipper who happens to be…

donna akodu

Donna Akodu brings us two re-mix videos of songs ‘Unshakeable’ & ‘I Believe’from her debut worship album ‘When Heaven Breaks In’.

In her mid-teens Donna gave her heart to the Lord and He released from within her a heavenly voice with which to worship him.

Her ministry to the Lord emanates from a depth of love and passion for Him and is a joy to experience. Donna declares prophetically the Lordship of Jesus through her songs of worship and deliverance and she has a unique ability when it comes to being spontaneous often singing a ‘new song’. She is a deep lover of the psalms.

Donnas’ music ministry has led her to minister across the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and other parts of the world with Noel Robinson as part of Nu Image. She has featured on countless Christian television programs and on numerous radio broadcast in the UK.

More recently she has been leading worship for the Kingdom Worship Movement (KWM) events in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester, and is also the Worship/vocal coordinator for the events.

“Worship is not just a Sunday experience, it is a life experience” she quotes. There are many people who speak about the act of worship and in some ways are in love with the experience itself, but Donna’s key is not that she loves worship, but that she is passionate about her heavenly Father, the object of our worship.

As she stated recently she is now ready for “… a new season and I have a new assignment.”

She elaborated further, “God asked her if she was serious about him, she said yes, He said then do what’s not comfortable for you! I believe we are in a season where God is daring us to believe, to take him at his word and just believe – all things are possible. Stepping out there without the guys is going to be different, but good for me. I know they got me in their prayers and that this is what God has called me to. I don’t know the full picture. But I do know that if The Lord builds the house my labour won’t be in vain.”

Check out two of her videos of re-worked songs ‘I Believe’ & ‘Unshakeable’ from her debut worship album ‘When Heaven Breaks In’ and support Donna Akodu as she steps out in faith.

Goziam Okogwu – Keys, Jon Berry, Noel Robinson – Guitars, Elshea Hughes & Michael Efah Kahon.