Reflections From Sinach’s Concert: A Night to Remember

I have been pondering the incredible concert that Sinach and her team put together. It was an amazing night and I am excited to share some incredible insights I gleaned as well as some behind the scene observations because I had the privilege of being part of the protocol team. This event was nothing short of spectacular, and there are many valuable lessons I learned that I would be applying on my own journey.

Behind the Scenes: Teamwork and Dedication

As a member of the protocol team, my role involved supporting the other acts, ensuring they had everything they needed, and guiding them to their designated areas. The concert, held at the iconic OVO Arena Wembley with a capacity of 12,500, was a massive undertaking that required meticulous planning and coordination.

One of the most striking aspects was the overwhelming community support. Volunteers, choir members, and artists from various locations came together, sacrificing their time and energy. Starting months prior to the event, calls for volunteers in different departments were put out. Choir members auditioned and those selected met and practised diligently, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to their craft.

The Power of Collaboration

The concert was a testament to the power of collaboration. Artists flew in from around the world to perform and support Sinach. Notable names took to the stage one after the other to lead the crowd filling the arena in worship. Lucy Grimble was the first guest artist to kick the night off, followed by Philippa Hanna, then Limo Blaze, and then Ada Ehi, each contributing to the night’s success. Warehouse Worship also led us through their nostalgia-inducing medley of Kirk Franklin’s golden oldies from our ‘God is an awesome God’ to ‘Revolution’. Despite limited time to perform their own songs, these artists made every moment count, showcasing their amazing talent and leading the attendees skilfully through some of their popular worship songs to the delight of the crowd.

Extravagant Worship and Visual Splendour

Sinach’s concert was a visual and auditory feast. From choreographed dancers to impressive fire effects, every detail was designed to create a memorable and awe-inspiring experience, reflecting that our God can and should be praised extravagantly and in grandeur. Sinach emphasised that this was more than just a concert; it was a life-changing experience and many echoed the sentiment as the concert heated up, guiding us in worship to a tender place of intimacy with God. Her message resonated with the audience, reminding us of the importance of worship and community in our lives.

Memorable Moments and Powerful Worship

There were numerous highlights throughout the night. One particularly moving moment was when Sinach, overwhelmed by God’s presence, fell to her knees during the song ‘Awesome God’. This display of genuine worship was a powerful reminder of the depth of her faith, showing that she not only led us in worship, she was first a worshipper before a worship leader .

Sinach’s performance included a mix of fan favourites, including ‘I know who I am’, ‘Waymaker’, ‘Great are you Lord’, ‘You do mighty things’ and new songs, like ‘There’s a fire’, ‘Confessions’, ‘Bigger than’ with each set meticulously planned to engage and inspire the audience. Collaborations with artists like Da’dra Greathouse, Lucy Grimble and Israel Houghton, all from her new album Victory Sounds, added layers of richness to the event, creating a dynamic and unforgettable experience.

Lessons for Aspiring Artists

For up-and-coming artists, this concert was a masterclass in event planning and execution. The amount of effort and coordination required to pull off such a large-scale event is immense. It highlighted the importance of building a strong support network, practising diligently, and continuously striving to improve.

Visual and auditory effects played a crucial role in enhancing the concert’s impact. Incorporating these elements into performances can create a more immersive and memorable experience for the audience.

Conclusion and Reflections

Sinach’s concert was a remarkable event that showcased the power of community, collaboration, and dedication. It was an inspiring experience that left a lasting impression on everyone involved. As we continue to grow as artists, worship leaders and musicpreneurs, let’s take these lessons to heart and strive to create impactful and meaningful experiences through our work.

Were you at the concert? What were your favourite moments? Did you find any particular aspect of the event inspiring? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

Ebi Oginni, Artist, Music Business Coach

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