Noel Robinson compared to Angelina Jolie: Empowered to serve in different ways

If I were to compare Noel Robinson to Angelina Jolie you’d probably think I was slightly crazy, but there is more truth to that statement than first meets the eye.

Jolie has been voted countless times the world’s most beautiful woman. An Oscar winner who can command a salary well in the region of £10,000,000.00 for just one project, she is a global celebrity with ‘idol’ status who has built a career not only on her looks but also on her tremendous talent in the field of entertainment.

Because of this, Jolie is now easily considered one of the most powerful and most influential women in the world – but how does she use that power? Does she use it to gain more wealth and build a personal empire? No – she uses it to serve. She uses it to bring focus to key universal issues such as world poverty and women’s health. Indeed, she has been so successful at her charitable and selfless humanitarian works that she has actually become more known and respected for her service to humanity than for her walks along the many red carpets that have lined her career path.

So how exactly does this beautiful philanthropist female compare to gospel singer Noel Robinson?

Robinson’s early years followed a familiar story to many black men born in Britain to Jamaican parents. There was no silver spoon and rich heritage, but thank God for loving parents who worked hard day and night to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and clothes on their back.

In the 60’s it was a common thing for children from the Jamaican-diaspora to be enrolled in Sunday school from the moment of birth and to stay connected and committed to the church pretty much for the rest of their lives. The sound of gospel was all Robinson grew up on and with his God-given gift and aptitude for creating music, a ministry and career in this field seemed the natural next step.

Almost forty years on and he too can boast a tremendous career with a line-up of prestigious awards, a passport that has travelled the world, not to mention the fact that he is the first black-British worship artist/leader to be signed with media giants, Integrity Music.

With a phone that never stops ringing, Robinson could easily spend the next years of ministry and career building his own powerful empire and lay up for himself a very comfortable nest-egg to see him nicely into early retirement. But if you were to spend just one moment speaking to him, you will know immediately that personal fame and gratification is far from his hearts agenda.

Whether standing before an arena-crowd of 60,000 with a full band and choir of voices supporting him or whether it’s just him, his guitar and a handful of hungry pastors alone in a windowless room, the anointing, compassion and focus on this man never changes.

Robinson has a passion to see people everywhere enter into the presence of a living God so they can experience all the grace and love that has been made available for them through Jesus Christ. His desire is to see people set free from their sins, hurts and past so they might discover their own purpose and fulfil their own destiny.

Without a doubt, Noel Robinson has been empowered that he might serve.

Article above as written by Jacqueline Malcolm & published in The Voice Newspaper

Renewal London 2016 was a spectacular day of visitation by the Holy Spirit, with every singer, worship leader, musician or Pastor truly serving in remarkable and noteworthy fashion. They all were a living testament to this year’s theme ‘Empowered To Serve’.

Ben Cantelon in his time of leading worship described it aptly as “a renewal within a Renewal”.

There was real prophetic edge to every moment and it was evident that God was at work through Noel Robinson, Ben Cantelon, Lara Martin, Mark Beswick, Aaron T Aaron, Madeleine Kerzner, Rony Padilla, Marcia Walder Thomas, Isabella Ogo-Uzodike, Kelechi Ifeanyi, house band and singers, workshops facilitators, admin team and every delegate at Renewal London 2016, hosted by Pastor Michael Olawore at New Wine Church.

aStepFWD were commissioned to film the entire event and what an amazing time we had being in God’s presence whilst working. Look out for more media clips coming soon!

Renewal London 2017 will be back for 2 days on 27-28th January 2017. Save the date!

O’Neil Dennis

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