New Jersey & Canada join “Where In The World?” live Instagram series

Where In The World? is the exciting Instagram live series from A Step FWD which aims to connect with individuals around the globe ‘bringing the world a little closer home’. The conversations explore the culture around each guest, talking food, signature sights, practices and of course faith dynamics. 

In the last episode of WITW, host Carla Adebekun was joined by Eclectic Singer-Songwriter Ashle Renee and Worship Leader Daniel Ojo.

Daniel Ojo blessed us from Canada whilst Ashle Renee graced us from New Jersey.  We had a real blend of cultures and heard about the various interest of each artist. Ashle Renee described her music as eclectic with elements of Soul, Traditional gospel, Salsa, Samba and Afrobeat whilst Daniel Ojo defined his sound to be Contemporary worship and Gospel. Irrespective, of their different sounds they both shared the unified goal of bringing glory to God through song.

Additionally, Ashle Renee shared her love for New Jersey and the music scenes in the neighboring cities such as  New York and Philadelphia whilst Daniel Ojo expressed his love for Ottawa a city in Canada and gushed about its serene quiet environments. Ashle Renee passionately spoke about her love for the 1950’s whilst Daniel Ojo expressed his love for sighting especially ByWard Market BIA, Ottawa Ontario. Despite, their differences in interest and musical styles, both artists shared passion for Christ and seeing people living in the freedom of Christ. 

The conversations continued as Daniel Ojo expressed his contagious passion for God to be glorified through his music and how he longs to see people set free from Depression and addiction. Simultaneously, Ashle Renee shared how she wants her music to bring hope to others and show them that God can bring anyone through life’s ups and down. Both artists emphatically expressed the importance of knowing their calling in ministry as this ensures one to continue in ministry despite challenges and difficulties along the way. Both Ashle and Daniel expressed how God called them into ministry despite their doubts and how they both humbly yielded to Gods calling for music ministry in their unique ways. 

Closing notes were intimacy with God is the ultimate goal for both artists. They both expressed that man-made applause and popularity will not be enough to sustain them on the course – Only God and His purpose will prevail. Different artists, with different approaches to music however both shared that their life purpose is to honor and uplift God.

Check out Ashle Renee’s new single ‘Grace and Mercy and  Daniel Ojo’s new single, ‘I Will Bless Your Name feat. Tim Bowman JR.

Catch the full episode here and special thanks to our guest. Follow us at @astepfwd for the next “Where In The World?”