My Top 5 USA Countdown #4 – Andy Mineo

Andy M (614:350)

Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing my personal top 5 non UK artists and a little on why I love their music so much… #4 is Andy Mineo.

Ever since signing to Reach Records, Andy Mineo has grown incredibly as an artist, and with increasing popularity. It’s quite obvious why Mineo has become so popular; he has the ability to create excellent music, which is relatable to all of human kind. He also has a great tendency to bring new, unexplored elements to hip-hop by merging different genres and has often spoken about his love for different styles of music in interviews.

Throughout Andy’s projects he always includes a variety of music, from upbeat ‘go crazy’ songs such as ‘Uno Uno Seis’ to reflective songs such as ‘Death has Died’ and ‘Death of Me’. He’s an artist that you can always listen to regardless of your mood.

Josh de Thierry