Moses releases EP ‘MICROCOSM’ of God’s word, love, grace & glory!


20 year old artist ‘Moses’ Matuluko is a talented Nigerian born rapper and songwriter from Manchester. Moses is an incredible artist who recently released ‘The Microcosm EP’ with the aim to see ‘God encapsulated within every single word’.

The noun ‘Microcosm’ is used to describe a miniaturized representation of a larger entity and so the concept of the EP to show that every part of his life and music are a small representation of God’s word, love, grace & glory; a microcosm of God.

Throughout the EP Moses brings emotive lyrics, diverse flows with hard beats which makes the EP something that can be really hard to put down. Songs like ‘Retro Days’ bring a grime element to the EP, while ‘I’m Good’ brings a more reflective stance on his life. The project features recording artists David B, The Levites 3:12 and Twelve 24 who all add powerfully to the EP as you would expect!

The Microcosm EP is definitely worth investing into and is now available to download on all good digital stores!

Check out the first track ‘Ignition’ below!


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