London’s veteran rapper Cerose releases his latest ‘Messiah Music’

London’s veteran rapper and ex-drug dealer Cerose releases his latest project, ‘Messiah Music’. 
Once well known for being in the forefront of the UK rap scene as 
a gangster rapper, Cerose has had the ear of international hip hop artists and local buzz with appearances on SBTV, Link Up TV, Charlie Sloth and many more.

Like many other non-christian rappers today his music glorified murder, drugs, misogyny and the street/gang lifestyle but his testimony is a testament to God’s patience and grace. ‘

Messiah Music’ is Cerose’s second released project as a follower of Christ, having previously released his debut album, entitled “Marantha”. 

Cerose blends melodic delivery on often various piano laced instrumentals in his music. 
With a straight forward, often brash approach, he contends lyrically, touching on weighty matters in scripture, Christendom, and society at large.

He hasn’t lost a step. He’s still out on the streets, but with a different spirit.

Click link to download Cerose’s free “Messiah Music” mixtape today.

Listen to talk of his journey to Christ here.