LEELAND releases 4th single ‘You’re Not Done’ off 2023 album

LEELAND introduce ‘You’re Not Done’, the fourth single from their 2023 album “City of God”. The newest song from the Texas-based band is deep in compassion and in hope, filled with the resurrection power of Christ. ‘You’re Not Done’ is driven by defining lyrics:

“If you still have breath in your lungs, you’re not done”

These words dropped into lead singer Leeland Mooring’s lap as he sat at his piano, processing the recent miraculous recovery of a close friend who fought for his life during the pandemic. As this person was slipping in and out of consciousness, they recalled hearing Leeland’s voice singing assuming someone had one of the band’s CD’s playing though they never were. “I was overwhelmed by the goodness of God and the real struggle we face in the midst of death,” Leeland comments. ‘You’re Not Done’ doesn’t deny the sorrow and suffering of the human experience, but meets it with the presence of the Author of life.

LEELAND‘s new catchy single screams hope in the face of defeat, reminding the listener that each breath we are given is proof of God’s good plan of redemption. ‘You’re Not Done’ is an expansive track with slight country-pop accents and an overall sense of healing truth being sung over the Church. “It’s simple, if you are breathing, you are not finished,” Leeland concludes, “may we be able to say like [the apostle] Paul that to live is Christ and to die is gain.”