Lecrae – CONFESSIONS – [Music Video]


Lecrae’s latest video release Confessions, is taken from his award winning album Gravity. There has been some interesting opinions about this track. Christians may very well be the most critical people in the world.

If you want to know about God, ask Him about Him and pray He answers, again, as He has already given you His Word, the Bible. If you really want to understand what Lecrae is trying to say, ask him and if you cant get an answer, well it may well be because there is already the answer in the songs lyrics.

Whether the track is about Lecrae himself or others, one thing is certain. There are a lot of people, secular or Christian, in especially the entertainment industry that the lyrics and will be pertinent to and that may very well have been Lecrae’s objective. The video, though simply done, seems to back up this point with the masquerade, masking the true identity of many. The beauty with simple videos or story based visuals is they leave the viewer thinking.

Well done Lecrae, as we’re sure this track and music video will hit a nerve with many and if there are concerns with what he is trying to say, remember listen closely or better yet check the lyrics… (see sample below) So, watch the video below and be sure to tell us what you think.

Confessions of a millionaire, lifestyles of the famous
There’s nothing I can’t have, you say it looks so amazing
Well, I would trade it all away for my sanity

Verse 1
I know some people with mo’ money than we’ll ever see
Ever see someone buy a private island they never see?
Ever see every sea on yo’ own personal yacht?
Take jog around yo’ block that you bought from selling your stock?
In this lifetime, some of them my potna’s
They don’t believe in karma, but they believe in commas
And they believe they dollas’ for a peace o’ mind
Put a price upon they head and they’d be fine with that fine
Cause you find when you can buy the park, you can hate the rides
They was fun in the beginning, now it seems they not as thrillin’
And you out make a killin’, but it never feels fulfillin’
So, they call me tell me “Crae, this how I’m feelin’.”