Kenyan Christian drill artist XLVI K is back with new single ‘Tigana Na Adu’

Kenyan Christian drill artist XLVI K (46K) is back with his powerful new single, ‘Tigana Na Adu’ (translated as Let People be). This introspective and reflective track marks the third release from his highly anticipated upcoming album, “Racing Thoughts”.

‘Tigana Na Adu’ takes listeners on a journey through XLVI K’s mind, exploring the challenges he’s faced
within the music industry as a Christian drill rapper who incorporates a ski mask into his image. He opens up about the rejections, losses, and triumphs that have shaped his artistic path.

“This song is for anyone who’s ever felt ostracized or misunderstood,” says XLVI K. “It’s about
staying true to yourself, focusing on your goals, and letting the negativity fade away.”

‘Tigana Na Adu’ blends the pulsating energy of Afro Drill with introspective lyricism, creating a powerful
anthem that resonates with those seeking encouragement and perseverance in life. XLVI K’s unique sound and message will surely capture fans’ attention worldwide. ‘Tigana Na Adu’ is a powerful testament to his artistic growth and sets the stage for the highly anticipated release of “Racing Thoughts”.

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