Ken Burton & Croydon SDA Choir members at Cannes Film Festival


You may know them or you may have heard of them so its no surprise to see Director Ken Burton and some members of The Croydon Seventh Day Adventist Choir on stage at the 66th Cannes Film Festival Opening Ceremony which took place on May 15th.

Having a sister-in-law who sings with the choir, I met Ken and other choir members a few times. Hearing the practice notes from the room next door in our house certainly gave a sense of familiarity with their many spectacular performances including my favourite Advent Songs which is a true multimedia, audience engagement, ‘songs of praise style’ work of creative genius.

Check out the images below as Ken Burton and other members of the Croydon SDA Choir join singer Krystle Warren in a Guy Barker arranged and conducted tribute to world renown film director Steven Spielberg. The song is Quincy Jones’ ‘Miss Celie’s Blues’ from the film The Colour Purple and they were joined on stage by Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and many other celebrities.





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